Computer Maintenance

Upgrade, preventive maintenance, formatting...

We can solve any hardware or software problem with your desktop or notebook computer. We work with all brands and operating systems, make your budget without compromise.

Reinstalling Windows

With the formatting of the computer we reinstall the operating system (Windows, macOS and Linux) of your computer, so you can take advantage of its full potential. Over time and due to lack of maintenance, the computer's performance tends to be compromised. We back up your files and reinstall the operating system, drives, and the latest security updates.

Computer Virus Removal

Your computer may be infected by a computer virus, spyware, trojan or other malware. We will diagnose your computer and proceed with the best solution.

Hardware Upgrade

Your computer no longer runs the latest software? We show you the best upgrade possibilities for your computer. Desktop computers have great upgrade possibilities: processor, video card, RAM, hard disk. We make an evaluation and recommend the best way to improve your PC's performance.

Gaming/Graphics Computer

Need to build a computer with enough performance and capacity to run the latest PC games? Or work with video editing and graphics projects that require large graphics, processing power, and storage? We will make a study for your case and build a computer that fits your needs.

Security Updates

Every new Windows release brings benefits in performance, usability, and especially security. Enjoy the new features of new operating systems, we update your computer without you losing your settings and files. We work with all operating systems: Linux and BSD, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, among others.

Preventive Maintenance

Don't expect the worst, with the preventive and corrective maintenance plans for individuals and companies, your computer will always be working correctly and safely. Contact us for more details.

Problems your computer may experience:

Virtual Threats

Computer viruses, worms, trojans, spyware. Virtual pests are a constant threat and are becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult to detect.

Even if you take every care with your computer, use an antivirus, be careful about the software you install and the websites you enter. They can still be the reason for many problems.

Slow Computer

It is common for the computer to slow down over time is the lack of preventive maintenance helps.

Usually the problems are related to software installed over the years or for more serious reasons such as virtual plagues or malware.

Windows Blue Screen

The famous Microsoft Windows blue screen is a sign that something is wrong with the Operating System.

The reasons can be physical: hardware, or they can be caused by some recently installed software or driver.

My computer won't turn on

The computer not turning on can be related to a variety of factors, from the most common such as a power supply problem or newly installed hardware to problems with the video card and/or monitor.

My monitor goes black

If your monitor is starting to show random lines or strange graphics from time to time. This could be a sign that your monitor or video card is having problems.

My computer is very noisy

To keep the electronic components cool, computers use small fans: also called cooler or fan.

Like all components they also have their life span, and over time they wear out and can emit annoying noises.

But the bigger problem is that a faulty cooler can lead to overheating among other problems.