Backup and Recovery

make a backup plan now, don't wait for the worst to happen...

Backing up your files and data is extremely important for you and your company.

We usually remember that we should have made a backup when it's too late. We will help you to keep backups of your files through regular, secure, automatic backups.

Cloud Backup

To ensure a truly effective backup solution it is always necessary to leave copies of files in more than one location. We help you program backup routines so that your files are automatically sent to remote servers of large companies like Goolge and Microsoft. For confidential files we can also use data encryption before sending to other servers.

Mobile & Tablet Data Backup

Backing up your phone's files, settings, and applications today is just as important as backing up your computer and notebook. Prevent possible accidents or theft by keeping a secure copy of your phone data, settings, contacts, and applications at all times. We help you find the best way to create backup routines for your cell phone.

Data Recovery

We analyze the cause of the file loss and the condition of the damaged device, indicating the best way to recover your data. It is important to remember that after deleting something important or damaging your device, do not attempt to turn it on or do any other procedures, because such actions can cause irreversible damage to the lost files.

Backup Servers, Websites, Wordpress

We plan complete backup routines for your Internet web site. Don't waste your time and work by carelessness. We take care of your web site backups effectively and securely.

Database Backup

Today many systems depend on information stored in databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Mariadb) and often these backups are forgotten, generating great losses for companies. We will choose the best automatic backup strategies for your company's database backup.

Backup of Photos and Personal Files

Your personal files and photos are just as important as your work files, don't run the risk of losing your files, we set up automatic backups on your computer.

3 best practice tips for backing up your files:

Keep copies elsewhere

If there is a fire in your home or business, all the important backups that were stored there will be lost.

This is why it is important that you also keep a backup copy in a location outside your company.

Always keep your files organized

To make your life easier, always organize your files and backups by date and file types or subjects, or levels of importance.

Test your backups from time to time

It is common for backups not to be tested, and when it is necessary to restore the data from the backup, the files do not exist.

It is common for backups not to be tested, and when it is necessary to restore the data from the backup, the files do not exist.

Web Security

Take security measures to protect your company and your users when they browse your web site.


Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly devastating, don't expect the worst and protect your company against mailicious hackers.