IT Remote Support

You can trust us to resolve your computer and technology problems remotely.

With remote assistance, we can resolve the vast majority of everyday technical problems instantly, in real time, wherever you are.

In addition to the benefit of speed in resolving urgent problems and reducing costs.

We value your satisfaction and guarantee your privacy and security with all remote accesses. Don't trust strangers, we will never ask for your passwords!

Initial Contact

Get in touch and describe your problem. We will guide you to download the access software and provide the generated unique access ID.

Secure Encrypted Connections

All connections are end-to-end encrypted so you have complete security throughout the entire process!

Restricted access

You can monitor everything that is being done on your computer screen in real time, you can control what we have access to.

You in control!

If the remote system window is closed on your computer, the connection will be terminated immediately.

You follow in real time

During remote support, you will be able to follow all the steps of the process of resolving your problem on your computer screen. You can stop the process at any time, simply close the window.

Stay safe!

Do not trust strangers, we do not ask for any password at any time to access our services. Passwords can be entered by you if required.

Server Installation

Need a physical or cloud server? We offer customized and optimized configurations for each case.

WiFi Network Configuration

Is the Internet slow? Failures in the configurations of the equipment that is part of the network may be the problem.