Linux and Windows Servers

Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers

We install, configure, and plan the best maintenance period so that your servers are always processing at peak performance.

Contact us and we will find the best Cloud server option for your company, according to your real needs with security and scalability.

Microsoft Windows Server

We install and configure Microsoft Windows Server servers for the most varied purposes: Active Direcotry Domain Controler, Firewall, Database SQL Server and MySQL Server, File Share, Web Server ISS, Apache, among others.

Linux Server, FreeBSD, OpenBSD

We configure and install Linux/BSD servers for the most varied needs: Web server, application server, proxy server, firewall, MySQL/MariaDB server, Samba server, among others

E-mail Server

According to each case, we configure and install e-mail and webmail servers for your company, generating more privacy and security for your company.

Proxy Server

We configure and install Squid and Privoxy proxy servers. Speeding up your network speed and saving the carrier's data bandwidth. In addition to more control and privacy and security settings.

WIFI and Wired Networks

Is the Internet slow? Configuration faults in the equipment that is part of the network may be the problem.

Remote IT Support

With remote support we are able to solve most of the problems that can hinder your business.