Computer Networking

Surf with more security, reliability, and speed.

With our computer network configuration services, we will analyze your case and make your business or home network more efficient, increasing productivity, privacy, and the security of the information that travels there daily.

Wifi Configuration

We configure your wireless network (WiFi), residential or business, correctly and securely. We adjust the range of the wireless signal and program the best placement of the devices so that you have wireless connectivity in every room of your business or home. We also ensure that all data traveling over your wireless network is encrypted to the most secure standards.

Router Configuration

We upgrade and configure your router so that it can meet the needs of your network. We adjust the settings to provide better protection and security for the equipment connected to it. We make sure the Firewall is working, and disable all features that can in any way harm your privacy and security. We also set up bandwidth control, printer sharing, file sharing, external hard disk, etc.

Internet control for moms and dads

Want help controlling the time and what your children are accessing on the Internet? We can create policies and rules for Internet use in your home, block access transparently to inappropriate sites and content, or restrict access at specific times. Contact us so that we can outline the best strategies.

4 tips for your computer network

How to choose a router?

Computer networks can be built with different combinations of hardware and software. The large number of options on the market often confuses lay users, who end up choosing the first option.

But an option that worked for a family or a company will not necessarily work for your needs. We evaluate your needs and choose the appropriate options.

Poor wireless signal

Many times the wireless network signal does not reach all rooms in the house or in your company, causing slowness and constant drops. A correct analysis of the equipment can bring great benefits to your home or business.

Router Configuration

Although your computer network may work properly, it is no guarantee that all applications will work correctly.

Messaging applications, P2P file sharing, and online games often require specific settings to take full advantage of all the speed and capacity of your network.

Watch out for your safety

The vast majority of residential and small business networks are insecure, especially when it comes to the privacy of the data passing through them.

We often fail to take important steps to protect our computer network.

Attacks against networks are real threats, they happen every day and affect real people.

Remote IT Computer Support

With remote support we are able to solve most of the problems that can hinder your business.

Server Installation

Need a physical or cloud server? We offer customized and optimized configurations for each case.