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Do you need a professional, secure and speedy website for your business? Do you want to have an online presence that attracts and maintains customer loyalty? Do you want to stand out from your competitors and increase your sales?

Then you need Kodden Technology, a company specialized in website development for offices, microentrepreneurs and small businesses.

We create custom, responsive and optimized websites that adapt to different devices and search engines. We provide security and performance, using the best technologies and tools on the market. We guarantee our customers' satisfaction, delivering quality projects, on time and within budget.

Don’t waste time and money with amateur or ready-made solutions. Invest in your website with Kodden Technology and see the results you can achieve. Fill out the form below and request a free quote. We will contact you as quickly as possible.

Learn about the types of websites we create with Kodden Technology

Corporate website

We create websites for large and small businesses, according to your needs and expectations. We present your company in an impressive and professional way, highlighting your products, services, differences and values. We increase your visibility and credibility in the market, attracting new customers and ensuring loyalty among existing ones.

Creation of WordPress Blogs

We create personal, affiliate, corporate or thematic blogs, with special attention to design, content and integration with social networks. We use the WordPress platform, which is the most popular and versatile in the world, with thousands of themes, plug-ins and features available. We ensure the scalable performance and security of your blog, using the best optimization and protection practices.

Websites for Events

We create websites for large or small events, such as fairs, conferences, concerts, weddings, birthdays or parties. We promote your event in an objective and attractive way, showing essential information such as date, location, schedule, tickets and sponsors. We create a responsive, interactive website that allows visitors to subscribe, share, or contact you.

Sales page, landing page

We create sales pages for your online product or course, using the latest conversion and persuasion techniques. We present your product or course in a clear and convincing manner, showing the benefits, characteristics, testimonials and guarantees. We created a page focused on a single action, which could be purchasing, registering or learning more.

Various Sites & Blogs

We create varied and personalized personal websites, such as portfolios, CVs, hobbies or projects. We use the latest web developments and standards, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap. We create a modern, creative and original website that reflects your personality and your purpose.

Creating a Protifolio

We create websites with portfolios for photographers, designers, artists or freelancers. We show your work in an elegant and functional way, using image galleries or videos. We pay special attention to the processing of images for greater quality and performance. We create a website that highlights your talent and potential.

Learn about the benefits of creating your website with Kodden Technology

Do you want a professional, secure and fast website for your business? Do you want to have the latest technologies and market news? DThen you need Kodden Technology, a company that offers the best website development services for offices, microentrepreneurs and small companies.

See what you get by creating your website with us:

1 month free hosting

We host your website on our virtual servers safely and quickly. We take all measures to ensure information security and the proper functioning of your website.

SEO Optimizing

We optimize each page on your website according to your business’ audience. We use techniques like keywords, meta tags, internal and external links, schema markup and integration with Google Analytics. This helps your website reach better positions in organic search results and attract more qualified visitors.

Responsive Websites

We create websites that adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a good navigation experience for users. We use techniques like media queries, flexbox, grid layout and bootstrap. This keeps your website modern, accessible and optimized.

Your own domain

We guarantee your domain for 1 year and make all the necessary settings. Having your own domain is essential for your business's credibility and online identity.

HTTPS Security

We develop sites that work with HTTPS encrypted pages, depending on your needs. This provides greater security and speed for users and their data. Furthermore, HTTPS sites rank better in search engines.

Social Network Integration

We integrate your social media into your website, for greater social integration with your audience. This helps in generating more traffic to your website and increasing your online presence.

Google Maps

We integrate your website into Google Maps, so your business can be easily found on the map. This helps improve your location and your visibility.


We provide all support to our clients, before and after the development of their website. You can request corrections and minor adjustments free of charge for 15 days after delivery of your website. You can also contract our preventive and corrective maintenance service for your website, for a monthly fee.

Find out how we created your website with Kodden Technology

Do you want a professional, secure and fast website for your business? Do you want to count on a qualified, experienced and committed team with your project? Do you want to have a personalized, transparent and efficient service?

So you came to the right place. At Kodden Technology, we create websites according to your needs, following a simple and efficient process. Check out how it works:


You complete our website quote form with your information and expectations. We analyze your request and get in touch to clarify all the details and answer your questions. We send you a contract and a payment link with the agreed terms.


After confirmation of payment, we begin developing your website, following the defined specifications. We request your logo, if you have one, and define your website's visual identity, according to your segment and target audience.

Website Draft

We present a draft of your website for you to evaluate and give us feedback. We make the necessary changes until you are happy with the result.

Website Production

After your approval of the draft, we finalize the development of your website, carrying out optimization, performance and quality tests and the final review of the content.

Online Website

We put your website online on our servers for one month free of charge. After this period, you can sign up for our website hosting service, which offers security, speed and technical support. For more information about our website hosting service, contact us


During the 15 days after the delivery of your website, you can request corrections and small adjustments free of charge. We also offer a preventive and corrective maintenance service for your site, for a monthly fee. For more information about our website maintenance service, contact us.

Redesign of Web Sites

Is your website in need of renovation? We redesign your website with the latest web standards.

Digital marketing

Do you want to achieve your goals faster? Invest in digital marketing on search engines and social media.